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How Music Describes Different Types Of Personalities Louisiana Tech University Research Paper

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“How music describes different types of personalities”
I. Attention Getter: What does your taste in music reveal about your personality?
a. Do you like hip-hop, rock music, or country music?
b. Or R&B and classical music?
c. Can the playlists on your Iphone really reveal information about your personality?
II. Credibility: Researches have found that people can make accurate judgments about a person’s friendliness, creativity and open-mindedness after listening to 10 of their favorite songs
III. Relate to audience: We all love listening to music
a. Some of us like hip-hop, country music, rock music, etc.
IV. Preview statement: I will talk about some of the different types of music and the different personality traits linked to them.
1) Topic sentence: Let’s talk about Pop music
a. People that listen to pop music tend to lack creativity, and tend to worry about a lot of
things more than other people would
b. However, they are outgoing, sociable, and have high self-esteem
2) Topic sentence: Secondly, let’s talk about Country music
a. Fans of country music are usually hardworking, conventional and outgoing
b. Even though usually country songs are often about heartbreak, people who listen to
this kind of music are usually very emotionally stable....

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