How Muslims Worship In A Mosque

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A mosque (Masjid in Arabic) is a place for Muslims to worship God. The scared space that I visited is “Dar AlHjrah” mosque in Falls church, VA. In my country every neighborhood has a mosque and each mosque has different shape and Design. Dar AlHjrah mosque had everything a mosque has. There’s “minaret” which is a slim tower attached to the mosque. The “minaret” shape was octagonal with pointed roof. The reason for the “minaret” tower is to make the call for prayer (Adhan). The color of the whole mosque from outside is white and beige.
The mosque has a prayer hall (Musalla) which is the area for the prayer. Before entering the scared area which is the prayer area everyone is required to take off their shoes and place them in the shoe shelf’s outside. The prayer hall had high long windows and a dome in the sealing which made the mosque very bright. In the mosque there is not furniture needed. There are prayer rugs, because during worship prayers bow and kneel to God. The reason for the carpe, rugs and no shoes is to assure the cleanliness of the mosque. In the prayer hall there are book shelf’s to place the holy book “Quran” in. Also there is “Minbar” which is a raised platform made from wood for speeches. The “minbar” has a staircase covered with red carpet.
The prayer rugs are used for people to pray on. The “minaret” tower has a microphone to call for prayer (Adhan) at a high point. The person who calls for prayer (adhan) is the person who leads for prayer (Imam). Before microphones and speakers imams usually go up the “minaret” and call for prayer. Muslims congregate to the mosque when they hear the prayer call (adhan). In Muslims countries it’s common to have mosques in every town. Muslims pray five times a day which means they gather at least once each day at the mosque. Muslims gathering in the mosque encourages interactions between them. As a Muslim on Friday we gather at noon for Friday prayers (Jumu’ah) we gather to pray and listen to the speech of the imam (Kutbah).The speeches (kutbah) are usually about a subject in the Quran. When praying we stick to each other shoulder by shoulder to keep the devil from being next to us while were praying. After praying we sit and read the holy book (Quran) and sometimes groups gather and read it out loud and discuss it. We share are knowledge of what lawful and sinful in Islam. The mosque does not limit interaction between people present because everyone stands in the same direction lined up next to each other doing the same tasks.
In the mosque there is the raised platform “minbar” space which seems more sacred than other spaces because it’s raised up and it’s the place...

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