How Napoleon Takes And Maintains Control Of Animal Farm In George Orwell's Novel

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How Napoleon Takes and Maintains Control Of Animal Farm in George Orwell's Novel

George Orwell's character Napoleon is a very clever and sly animal. He
uses several methods to take and maintain control of the farm. His
primary methods are by using fear, by exploiting the animal and by
bending the rules. Napoleon uses is intellect to good effect as far as
self-interest is concerned.

Napoleon instills fear as a way of giving the animal no chance to
argue about what he says. This allows him to run the farm in his own
manner and gives him a more confortable life than the other animals.
Early on in Animal Farm, Napoleon takes Jessie and Bluebells nine
newborn puppies. These puppies become the forefront of his campaign of
fear. He uses them to gain power by eliminating his nemesis, Snowball
"They dashed straight for Snowball…he slipped through a hole in the
hedge and was seen no more." Also, Napoleon used the dogs in the
public forum he created by setting an example of what would happen to
those animals who chose to disobey him. When it was revealed that some
of the animals had done things to side with the Snowball, Napoleon
executed them in front of everyone else. Orwell's character Squealer
was given a great ability to speak, this helped Napoleon get out of
sticky situations and inscribe fear into the animals' heads all at
once. When any of the animals questioned any of Napoleons actions, he
would confuse the animals with his intellect but would do it in a
cunning way by asking, "Surely Comrades, you do not want Jones back?"
By using this persuasive rhetorical question, the animals wouldn't
question what it was Jones had done and would just get on with things.

Not only did Napoleon instill fear upon the animals, he exploited them
and did other things such as establish trade links to deal with the
financial side of keeping control of the farm. Boxer was the most
loyal, hard working "comrade" on the farm. Napoleon abuses his loyalty
by getting all the work out of him that he can, then selling him to
the slaughterhouse to get the last possible bit of money out of him.
Also Napoleon uses the convincing speeches of Squealer as a way of
preventing the animals being enraged by the killing of Boxer "the van
had previously been the property of the knacker and had been bought by
the veterinary surgeon, who had...

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