How Nazi Germany Used Propaganda To Persuade Germans

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In this last essay I will talk about why there was little opposition in Germany towards the Nazi regime and was it the use of propaganda. Also I will say if I agree with this statement or disagree. In the next paragraphs I will talk about, Propaganda, censorship, Terror and popularity.

Firstly I will talk about Propaganda. Hitler was very aware of good propaganda. Propaganda had played a key role. Joseph Goebbels was made ‘Minister of popular enlightenment and propaganda’. He was the head of propaganda. In March 1933 Goebbels main responsibility was to control the media to make the Nazi as popular as possible.

Radios and newspapers were the main reason of propaganda.
Hitler had made sure that everyone could here him so he had put up loud speaker while he did all of his speeches. Goebbels believed that if Hitler was to make a speech everyone had to listen to him. Loud speakers were put up in the cafes, shops and on the streets.
What was seen in cinemas was controlled. There were loads of films based on the Hitler Youth and were really good. There was one film based on the Jews which was called ‘The Eternal Jew’ this film had made fun out of the Jews because the film was about the Jews spreading loads of diseases. However not all films were very serious, some films were comedies too.

The Nazi had to control films that were being released. The films that were released had to concentrate on the important issues. It was Riefenstahl who made "Triumph of Will" it was considered one of the greatest of propaganda films ever. In the schools the children were indoctrinated with Nazi ideas in school. Posters were made for pro Nazis to ensure people that Hitler is the greatest and being against the Jews communists.

Secondly I will talk about censorship. The Nazi Germany had introduced a system called censorships. You could only read, see and hear what the Nazi wanted you to read, see and hear. You could only read the newspapers and listen o the radios when the Nazis wanted you to.

Books that did not match the Nazis ideas were burnt in public, this was called Burnt opposition. Books that were offending the Nazi Germany had to be removed in libraries, schools etc. In 1934 cinemas were banned. No posters were allowed for other political paths. You couldn’t go to the cinemas.

Next I will talk about the terror state. This was a secret police called the ‘Gestapo’ and would spy on you and would arrest all the enemies. SS were responsible for running the concentration camps. However everyone...

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