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How Nazi Ideology Was Entrancehd Into German People. Description Of The Methods Used By The Nazi's To Control The People

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The Nazi party seized control in Germany in 1933 and began to implement a series of changes which would revolutionise German social and cultural life. The Nazi ideology focused around the principles of Volksgemeinschaft (the people's community), lebensraum (gain more living space), totalitarianism, anti-Semitism and the supremacy of the Aryan race. The application of Nazi ideas and ideology depended on two types of force against individuals. One took the form of propaganda and indoctrination and the other was based on terror.

Propaganda was an important tool used by the Nazi's to revolutionise German social and cultural life and was significant in the creation of a society which conformed ...view middle of the document...

Film was less effective but used the technique of subliminal messages to foster and encourage anti-Semitism within the community. Rallies and rituals were a feature of life in the Third Reich and were used to create a sense of national identity as individuals were carried away by the grandeur, strength and feeling of such events. Nazi propaganda succeeded in blinding the population as the real horrors of the regime were drowned by the mass celebrations and festivals. The states influence of cultural output of literature, music and most importantly art was also significant in entrenching Nazi ideology into the population. Cultural output was used as a medium to portray political images and manipulate people's outlooks and behaviours. Art played a major role as the Nazi's were experts at creating stereotypes and removed people's urges to question and probe so they became submissive to the state.

Indoctrination was the long-term entrenchment of Nazi ideals, and was the building block for the new generation of German youth through the centralisation of education. Indoctrination became the aim of education which was used to serve the purpose of the state and was controlled to reflect traditional German values and oppose intellectual thought and free enquiry. Schools experienced a radicalisation of the curriculum which saw the introduction of race study, eugenics and health biology, all used as vehicles for imparting Nazi ideology. The Hitler Youth movement was another form of indoctrination which aimed...

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