How North American Countries Can Become Stronger

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North America is a relatively developed continent. Canada and the United States are considered first world developed countries and Mexico is thought to be a developing state. North America has a high standard of living when compared to other continents. Two of the three countries in North America are considered to be in the top ten ‘most developed countries in the world’ and the third, Mexico, is making an effort towards development. Although North America is a stable, strong continent, it could become better if neighboring countries were more willing to learn from each other instead of focusing on their own concerns so often. Each country must work to solve its issues, but if the leaders ...view middle of the document...

Taxes are progressive when funding health care. The people that make a minimal amount of money each year have to pay slightly less than those that are doing well. Everyone with a Canadian citizenship is able to receive health care, whereas in the States and Mexico if you do not have the money then you cannot receive the care you require (most of the time).

In the United States a lot of people are not fans of socialism, but there are thousands of families that go broke paying for treatment that they cannot afford. Insurance in the States in expensive and several plans don’t cover everything, usually expensive operations like brain and heart surgery. In Canada citizens have a ‘small’ tax increase that goes towards fully covering health care. In the readings we read that Canadians strongly support public free health care rather than a for-profit private health system. A poll by Nanos Research in 2009 found that 86.2% of Canadians surveyed supported or strongly supported "public solutions to make our public health care stronger (Nanos Research). Furthermore “a Strategic Counsel survey found 91% of Canadians prefer their healthcare system instead of a U.S. style system, plus 70% of Canadians rated their system as working “well” or “very well” (Strategic Counsel Survey). If multiple studies show that the Canadian population is happy with their health care system and family doctors then why would Mexico and the U.S. not reform their systems to be like Canada’s. In lecture we learned that a considerable amount of people were not happy with Tommy Douglas when he first introduced the idea of free health care, a few years later nearly everyone realized it was a great idea and were happy the change was made. I believe the same scenario would occur If a free health care system replaced the current one in the States.

Obama has, and is still currently trying to reform the U.S. system with a one trillion initiative that would provide basic health care for over forty seven million Americans who lack and or cannot afford coverage ( Of course millions of people are happy with Obama care, but a considerable amount of people would rather not see any reform and stick to tradition (pay or suffer). Obama understands that Canada’s system is successful and the people are happy. Now it’s up to the people of America to allow change and make the right decision. Yes there are a few negatives to Canada’s system like waiting times and not ‘perfect/flawless’ care, but the benefits outweigh the negatives. Several people I know are thankful for free health care in Canada including my TA for this course. She guessed that she would have had to pay over a million dollars to provide the right treatment for her child after birth if it wasn’t for Canada’s free health care system. So if so many people are happy with the system and the government can support it, why not go through with it?

Canada, Mexico and the U.S. all deal with immigration. Immigration itself isn’t...

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