How Old Equipment From The Past Differs From Present Day Equipment

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and the man will wear personal protective equipment (PPE) which is hot and heavy. Different times the firefighter is not required to wear this gear, however more important the personal protective equipment fits the person and that the gear be up-to-date.
Turnout gear, a term used for pants and coats worn by firefighters, today, are being manufactured much better. Many companies make the gear, however due to competition; the firefighters receive a much better made product. The same material is used to make the turnout gear, but the gear can have different styles. This gear can be costly, some as high as a thousand dollars a set and many fire departments buy the brand name “Globe”. Making the gear so significantly better become a problem since the firefighter does not know how far inside a structure fire he goes until he reaches a certain distance. This also can be a problem because lots of things can go wrong for people inside that need to find a way out. Some turnout gear has a harness attached so if the firefighter has to jump out a window or rescue someone from some place the only thing needed is rope and some rigging hardware. Some gear, such as the drag rescue device (drd), can save a firefighter’s life fast. To save a life, pull the loop on the dry and put a piece of rope or webbing in the loop and start dragging the person out of the structure. Facts show that there are lots of equipment sold by many different companies for firefighters; however some of it is too expensive for the quality of the product. Cheap quality of the material and the way things are made by some companies now dealing with emergency equipment could be worse than in the past. Fire service personal protecting equipment keeps changing every day for the better. A person can get hurt or killed quickly if the fighter is not paying attention to surroundings, what the men are doing, and if the equipment is faulty. Paying attention becomes crucial as to what is happening around the area because training reinforces all safety rules as how to use certain equipment since everyone involved in an emergency event becomes a safety officer.
Remembering anything unsafe or seeing anything unusual a firefighter must report it because by reporting anything suspicious could keep someone from getting injured or killed. One hundred and one firefighters were killed in the line of duty in 2013, is upsetting that a large number of fighters are killed in the line of duty using the most modern equipment. The firefighters need to do a better job with training our men and women, keeping them physically fit and putting more emphasizes on looking out for each other during crisis.
Years ago the firefighters used mainly archaic pumps and buckets possibly with the homeowner’s name on it. Ladders were used along with chains and hooks (Mood) while high tech trucks are used these days compared to the first self-propelled engine built followed by the steam engine many years ago. Fire trucks come in...

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