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How One Life Can Change Yours: Of Clay We Are Created By Allende And Graham

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Tragedies affect the innocent and the weak, turns the helpful helpless. In 1985, November fifth in Columbia, the Nevada del Ruiz eruption shattered thousands of lives and killed even more. However, tragedies are often told in many different ways, a blunt article or a tear-jerking fiction story. Bradley Graham tells the event mainly focusing upon a nameless girl stuck in the crumble of houses, while Isabelle Allende tells of the same eruption with a fictional twist and even gives the girl a name, Azucena. However different their writing styles may be, both authors tell the tragedy focusing on that one innocent girl stuck in the ruins of her own village, who unconsciously touched the hearts of many people. Despite graham and Allende’s shared story line, the authors vary in tone, author purpose, and theme, reminding us to consider what genre is being read.
Bradley Graham used his blunt writing tone to tell his readers all they wanted to know, without making it a fictional story. He summarizes the event in a short, unemotional article and allows the readers to create their own emotional attachments. Graham writes void of feelings, and writes with professionalism fit for an informative article. His nothing but factual mind set when writing is one of the reasons why is is such a successful author.
In ‘Of Clay we are created’, Isabelle Allende turns an already sad historical event into a personal, heart-breaking fictional story. She adds life to her story with tone, diving into the personal lives of her characters, unleashing emotions we can only imagine was at the scene. Allende uses herself in the story to reflect how the raw and uncensored feeling the natural disaster gave to all those affected; first hand or not.
Author purpose, why the author wrote the story or article; to persuade, entertain, inform, etc., also varies between these two...

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