How Organisms Evolved From A Common Ancestors

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One of the most important principles of biology is the main idea of evolution. This theory states, “that all living organisms have evolved from a common ancestor through natural selection acting on hereditary variation” (Reece, 2011). Many people today, know humans have evolved from a common ancestor; but they do not recognize the importance of it. Everyone should be educated about how organisms evolved because humans have evolved throughout many centuries. Charles Darwin had many theories that incorporated the main principle of biology, natural selection and evolution. Darwin explained natural selection as an evolutionary change where organisms that become more adapted to their environment will survive better than those who do not (Natural, 2004). Through evolution and natural selection many species, including humans, are here today.
Charles Darwin founded the principle of natural selection, which describes how organisms that adapt better in an environment will survive better and produces more offspring (Natural, 2004). Darwin first noticed evolution after being on the Galápagos Islands; here, he noticed that geological separation played an important role on how organisms adapted and formed new species (College, 2009). When species live in a new environment, they adapt differently and eventually these organisms will change over time, which is known as evolution (College, 2009).
Darwin noticed that birds on a different Galapagos island also have similarities and differences. He believed that these birds were once the same species but because of evolution they became different species. He noticed, “the different species show different beak morphologies (size and shape) that are well suited for exploiting different food resources, such as seeds of different size and hardness, fruits, insects, and nectar” (De León et al., 2011). Each bird species adapted to its surroundings in order to survive. Evolution caused the bird species to change in order for them to survive in their own environment.
Darwin also studied closely the evolution of humans. He went on a voyage to South America on the Beagle; on this voyage, Darwin founded that all humans have evolved from one another (College, 2009). When he was in South American, Polynesia, and Australia, he came in contact with local natives, which led him to believe the idea humans are one species (College, 2009). When he returned back to England, after his voyage, Darwin visited a London Zoo where here, he saw his first ape. When he saw his first ape, this is when, Darwin realized, how similar apes and humans were to one another (College, 2009). In Darwin’s book, The Descent, he broke up his evidence into three parts, “similarities between humans and other primates, similarities in embryological development, and vestigial organs” (College, 2009). With these three categories describing the similarities of humans and apes, this led Darwin to his theory, “that all human populations were more closely...

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