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How Over The Top (Ott) Telecommunication Has Benefited Enterprises And Individuals?

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If you are a regular user of popular internet services such as Skype, Whatsapp or Netflix, then just to let you know, you are an ardent user of Over the Top (OTT) technology. As per definition, OTT is the technology that leverages internet to deliver audio, video and other services to the end users and works “over the top” of the network services of your service provider. It refers to all the third party services that users access through their smartphone and are beyond the control of the network carrier.
OTT is beneficial for enterprises as well as commoners since it allows them to communicate with each other for a paltry amount or absolutely free of cost at times, and thus continue ...view middle of the document...

IPTV delivers programming via video stream that is encoded as IP packets series to enable PC, TV, wireless device, phone, etc., operate together.
According to TDG Research OTT was initially meant to deliver online video straight to the living room TV hence moving over the top of the existing pay TV operators. However, with Hulu, Netflix and other online streaming services entering the fray, OTT has witnessed a significant shift as it may now include even the on-demand content being provided by pay TV operator as TV Everywhere.

Talking about mobile texting, OTT better than traditional SMS but still the later has not completely signed off and is expected to give OTT a tough fight in future. As per the reports from Portio Research published in August 2013:

· The number of messages through apps are expected to cross 32 trillion mark annually by 2017. However, SMS will slow down to 7.89 trillion.
· The overall messaging traffic from OTT apps will surpass 100-trillion messages by 2017, which is simply astounding.
· In terms of revenue generation, SMS is still expected to lead as the report postulates an annual revenue of 117 billion USD through SMS as compared to 45 billion USD through OTT messaging apps.
· On comparing SMS vs OTT revenue per hour in 2013, SMS came out as the winner with $15 million per hour as compared to $3 million generated through OTT.
· Per day traffic of OTT (28.6 Billion messages) was however higher than SMS (22.4 Billion SMS) , in 2013

Types of OTT services
Over the talk technology has knocked the door to the personal and professional lives of millions long ago, it is just that some realized it and some are yet to know about it. Some of the widely used and helpful OTT services thus include:
· Online video streaming – Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, AppleTV, Vimeo, etc.
· Video or voice calls – Skype, WeChat, Line, etc.
· Instant Messaging through mobile devices – WhatsApp, Hike, iMessage

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