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How Overfishing Is Affecting The World

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Describe your global issue in detail.
my global issue is over fishing Catching too much fish for the system to support leads to an overall degradation to the system.
Fishing with a high intensity to reduce the breeding stock levels to such an extent that they will no longer suppport a sufficient quantity of fish for sport or commercial harvest. deplete the stock of fish in (a body of water) by too much fishing

Who/what region is involved?
its an issue in North America, East China and Europe
How does this issue affect the United States? (Economic, social/humanitarian, other)
severe deterioration http://oceeuropean-seas
How does the number of people in the world affect this issue? Billions of people rely on fish for protein, andalso way to many people fish and go over there limit for how many fish they can catch a day .

What are the short term, within the next year, consequences (neg. or positive) of this issue?
overfishing can have a devastating impact on ocean communities as it destabilizes the food chain and destroys the natural habitats of many aquatic will cause environmental change and it will cause less fish for buisnesis
What are the long term consequences (neg. or positive) of this issue? The reality of modern fishing is that the industry is dominated by fishing vessels that far out-match nature's ability to replenish More than 85 percent of the world's fisheries have been pushed to or beyond their biological limits

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