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How Tiger Woods Affects The Game Of Golf

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How Tiger Woods Affects the Game of Golf
Like Muhammad Ali is to boxing and Michael Jordan is to basketball, Tiger Woods is considered by many to be the greatest golfer of all time. Due to his incredible playing on the course, his young age, and the endorsement deals he signed with major advertising companies, Tiger Woods’ fans place him on the “best of the best” list in professional sports. Society places an enormous amount of responsibilities on its champions or favorites. “ Sure, he is good on the course, but how well does he support society? What does he stand for”, the public says. There is more to Tiger Woods than a good golf swing or how well he can say “ Buy these shoes” in front of the advertisers’ cameras. Even though Tiger would never say it, his influence over the game of golf and society as a whole far outreaches the twenty-six years he spent on the planet so far.
Tiger Woods started playing golf in his garage, with a cut off club, when he was eleven months old. Now, twenty-six years later, he glides through the toughest, most widely respected golf courses in the world as if he was born to win. Golf course owners and managers change the distance from the tee-boxes to the hole in order to make the course more difficult for Tiger. He makes most courses look easy to play well on, despite the actual level of difficulty. He is the youngest player to win the Masters Tournament in the history of golf. Tiger makes over one million per tournament in which he places in the top three golfers. The enormous amount of money as well as the magnificence of his play makes Tiger a blockbuster mega-star in the world of professional sports and beyond. His celebrity causes hordes of enthusiastic fans to not only attend the tournaments in which he plays, but also to follow his every move like a swarm of bees. Jim Curdie of the Knight-Ridder Newspaper says,” they lined the fairway ropes, often five or six deep, rimmed the greens and surrounded the tee boxes- kids skipping school, adults ducking out of the office, some getting their first glimpse of professional golf, all hoping for an up-close glimpse of golf’s swiftly rising star”.
Tiger Woods’ accomplishments off the course bring as much credit to him as those on the course. Joining with his parents, Tiger created the "Tiger Woods Foundation". The Foundation helps underprivileged children learn morals and life lessons through golf. “The Foundation’s values mirror those of Tiger Woods- Tenacity, Integrity, Courage, Self-Esteem, and Drive for Excellence”, is an excerpt from the Foundations mission statement. Tiger and his Foundation strive to foster those qualities and more in youngsters. Tiger sponsors certain golf courses that allow children under a certain age to play golf without cost to the children (the courses and the ages vary...

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