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How People Develop And Learn: The Case Of Neglected John

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John is three years and eight months old and has recently been placed with a foster family. The key reason for John being moved from his birth parents was due to a lack of progress in his care plan and concern over issues of neglect. This profile will focus on John’s need for positive attachments; his cognitive needs and will look at his self-esteem issues and overall need for self-worth. Reference will be made to John Bowlby’s attachment theory and the effects attachment has on behaviour. There will also be discussion on Jean Piaget’s pre-operational stage of cognitive development, which needs to be worked on in John’s case. Due to a lack of stimulus in his previous home his cognitive skills are not at the level they should be for his age and work should be done to meet these milestones. The third theorist that links to John’s needs is Roger’s humanistic theory, which studies the whole person. The humanistic theory looks at the human behaviours and what causes people to behave in such ways. This will link to John’s needs and how he is feeling with all the different changes he has encountered in life and the affects they may be having on his thoughts and behaviours. Other theorist’s work will be used to enhance or contrast with the theories already chosen, as well as suggesting strategies that may improve John’s life while he is with his foster family and for his future.
In John’s case there is signs that he hasn’t formed a strong bond/attachment with his birth parents and this may be down to the neglect he has been shown at home. The parents seem to have different ways for seeing John’s future and it seems to be his mother that would rather have John come back home. There are also clear signs that he has spent more time with his mother than he has his father, as the little signs of any attachment seem to be with his mother.
John Bowlby argues that the attachment theory is the view that the ability and need to form an attachment relationship early in life are hereditary attributes of all people (Holmes, 1993). He believed that these relationships have survival value, because they guarantee support, protection and care. Bowlby’s writing and that of Mary Ainsworth, draw a distinction between different types of affectionate relationships. The quality of the early attachment between a mother and her child becomes the template for all other intimate attachments across the child’s lifespan (Cole, Cole, & Lightfoot, 2005). Bowlby, 1973 states that it is important to have multiple attachments. Although it is evident that John has a poor attachment with his father, as his father doesn’t try to engage with him the way his mother does. Bee & Boyd, 2002 believes that fathers engage in physical play with infants more often than mothers do as a way of bonding, although in John’s case his father sits back and watches the mother.
There is evidence that John has had a secure attachment with his mother but has an ‘insecure attachment’ with his father, John...

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