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This paper will compare and contrast the ways people interacted with each other in the sixteenth-century Europe, nineteenth-century England, and the 1950s in the United States. The paper will state how people were introduced to one another, expressed their sexual feelings, and meeting on casual acquaintances. The next three paragraphs will talk about what happened during the time periods. This will maybe tell why people behaved that way during that time period. Then the comparing and contrasting of how people interacted will be explored. Finally, I will conclude with a summary of my findings. During the Renaissance Italy, unlike England and France, had no main capital city. Instead it had many centers for regional states. Some of these cities were Milan, Rome, Venice, and Florence. Other Renaissance culture developed around Mantua and Urbino. During the 15th century students came from all over Europe to study in Italy. Also during the Renaissance Italian literature, clothing, furniture, and art were imitated in Holland, France, Germany, Spain and England (Renaissance 30). In the nineteenth-century England and Wales were divided into fifty-two counties. In this century the English hunted foxes (Pool 24). The middle of London, known as "The City", dropped from one hundred twenty-eight thousand to fifty thousand, while the rest of London grew from one million to four and a half million. In London the fancy area was the West End. The East End was full of poverty and misery (Pool 28). The 1950s, which followed World War II, were part of the Truman Years and Eisenhower Years. In 1950, Joseph R.McCarthy insisted that there were conspiracies in the Federal Government. During this decade there was a huge population increase from one hundred fifty million to one hundred seventy-nine million. The United States court also rid itself of racial discrimination. Also, in 1954 ruled that racial discrimination in schools was unconstitutional (History of the United States 67-68). While the sixteenth-century was different from the nineteenth-century there were some similarities. There were intermarriages between people that were not in the same class (Hale 444). For example in Our Mutual Friend Eugene, a gentleman, marries Lizzy, a boatgirl. Romeo, a Capulet, and Juliet, a Montague rival also marry even though they were of opposing families (Shakespeare 337). Also sex was thought about much. In Romeo and Juliet, after the Capulet party Mercutio teases Romeo about Rosaline in a sexual way (Shakespeare 319). Jenny Wren thought Eugene Wrayburn just wanted to make Lizzy Hexem his "doll" (OMF). Of course as people change there was a change in behavior in love. Before the 18th century love wasn't expected to end well (Hatfield 7). Romeo drank poison and Juliet stabbed herself (Shakespeare 389-390). Eugene and Lizzy though were married and lived happily (OMF). Love was acquired very fast during the Victorian compared to the...

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