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When you think about the advancements in society today, One can assume that persuasion is included in these advancements. Another assumption in society’s advancements include how attitudes are changed through persuasion. Well in this essay I will be breaking down persuasion and some of the different aspects of persuasion. I will also be explaining how attitudes are changed through persuasion pertaining to friendships. I will be breaking down how persuasion can affect someone’s attitude through social media and the media in general. I will also be explaining if persuasion have the most effect on adolescents and young adults. Finally I will be breaking down how adolescents can have and keep an open mind during persuasion.
Persuasion is an indicative technique in which conversationalist try to induce other people to change their attitudes or behavior as to an issue through transference of a message, in an environment of free choice (Almaatouq, Radaelli, Pentland, & Shmueli, 2016). Persuasion has a lot of different aspects. Two main aspects include that persuasion is pressured and used to change the thoughts of another person (Almaatouq, Radaelli, Pentland, & Shmueli, 2016). It also inflicts change on behavior (Almaatouq, Radaelli, Pentland, & Shmueli, 2016). Finally it is relayed through some type of message (Almaatouq, Radaelli, Pentland, & Shmueli, 2016). The message can either be verbal or non-verbal and can be induced in different manners (Almaatouq, Radaelli, Pentland, & Shmueli, 2016).
Attitudes in friendships can be influenced a lot because of persuasion. This can either be good or bad depending on the foundation of the friendship (Almaatouq, Radaelli, Pentland, & Shmueli, 2016). Since persuasion can be such a grounded technique it can change the aspects of certain friendships exceedingly (Almaatouq, Radaelli, Pentland, & Shmueli, 2016). If the friendship is strongly implied with positive intentions then the behavior in the friendship will be positive after persuasion (Almaatouq, Radaelli, Pentland, & Shmueli, 2016). This can help friends with the perception of the shape of the friendship (Almaatouq, Radaelli, Pentland, & Shmueli, 2016). It can also help the friends in the friendship complete positive tasks together (Almaatouq, Radaelli, Pentland, & Shmueli, 2016).
Technology is advancing every day and most friendships revolve around social media and the use of technology. The main communication in most friendships happen through social media so persuasion can effect these friendships very easily. If one friend has another associate that the other friend doesn’t like and post pictures of them and the associate on social media then the other friend may start to question the friendship and get mad. Even though something as simple as a picture can be harmless the process of persuasion can influence behavior and perception beyond one’s control (Theunissen, 2015). Likes on social media and retweets can...

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