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How Pocket Refuges Helped In The Transition Between Glacial And Interglacial And How They Will Help Us Understand Future Transitions Due To Global War

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During the last ice age, a large glacier reigned over Canada and the northern United States. Plants and animals found within these regions shifted over time into areas that were free of ice and established themselves until the ice retreated. These areas were known as glacial refugia (Dyke, Moore , et al, 2003). A refugium is an isolated location inhabited with a segregated population of one or more species. Areas like these can be found in all corners of the earth and can contain very high amounts of biodiversity. These refugia form during climatic changes, such as global warming and may also form during changes in geography or human activity, such as deforestation (Leonard and Hogan, 2013). Forest pocket refuges are a specific kind of refuge that has a substantial impact on the distribution of the earth’s major forests. Pocket refuges provided a haven for forest migration during the glacial retreat from the Pleistocene to the Holocene era. Without these unique locations, many tree species would not have survived the climate shifts of the glacial period (Delcourt, 2002). Finding these pocket refuges today opens up a window into the past, but how can they be used in order to predict the future?
Forest pocket refuges are located all around the globe. A study was done by Buso and Pessenda regarding the regions of the Atlantic forest in Brazil. The experiment used sediment palynology and carbon isotopes of SOM to study vegetation dynamics and their relationship with climate changes. Other studies, based on molecular phylogeography and patterns of plant taxa distribution, have suggested that the Atlantic Forest was a forest refuge during the late Quaternary period (Busco, Pessenda, et al, 2013).. This evidence showed forest expansion and retraction during the climate oscillations of the Quaternary. Buso and Pessenda’s work also coheres to the hypothesis that the Atlantic Forest was a refuge site for forest satiability during these climate shifts (Busco, Pessenda, et al, 2013).
Another location of forest refuges was found in the Western Amazonian lowland rainforest. This study specifically looked at vascular epiphytes in the Western Amazonian biome of Yasunı´. Epiphytes are defined as non-parasitic plants that attach themselves to other plants merely for support (Encyclopedia Britannica Online, 2012). The vascular epiphyte in Yasunı´ was compared to 16 neotropic ecozone epiphyte inventories. The elevation composition of eight selected inventories was analyzed (Kreft, Koster et al, 2014). What was found was that present and past patterns of rainfall are the driving forces behind diversity of vascular epiphytes in Western Amazonia. Yasunı´ is characterized by high species richness and that the relatively moist climate in Western Amazonia during the Pleistocene probably led to fewer extinctions and more biodiversity than in the surrounding lowlands. These differences in the geographical elevation and the species found there...

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