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How Poets Reveal Their Ideas And Feelings About Other Cultures

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Culture. What is culture? People think of culture in different ways but it is the culture inside them which makes them unique. Culture is what gives a person their very own identity. This diversity is what makes everybody different. There are two sides to culture. On one side it unites and unifies people but on the other it separates and deviates people. Many poets have explored these issues. Poets like John Agard in Half-Caste explore on how cultured separated him from other children whilst in his child hood. Other poets like Tom Leonard in Unrelated Incidents talk about how he was mistreated due to his culture. Other Poets explore how culture unites people into celebration and how culture is extremely enjoyable.

In Half caste John Agard makes a mockery of the term ”half caste” .In the poem he starts of in the first stanza by saying he is half caste which makes the reader feel that he is proud to be half caste. This poem shows us how ridiculous it is to judge people on their culture by comparing himself to weather, music and art. John Agard says” when yu say half caste yu mean when the light an shadow mix in de sky is a half caste weather well in dat case England weather nearly always half caste” he expresses his feelings and his message is shouldn’t we neglect English weather because it has a mix of light and shadow also he uses famous greats like Picasso and Tchaikovsky and saying should we neglect their work because Picasso mixed two colours and Tchaikovsky used a black and white mix of keys. This is effective as it make the reader feel what makes him different then these pieces of brilliance as he is similar with a mix of black and white .He believes that just because some one is half caste they are not half a person. This is why he starts off In the first stanza by saying he is half caste. They should be treated as a whole .In the poem John Agard has chosen not to write in standard English. He does not use punctuation and write in a Caribbean dialect e.g. “yu and mih” .This could be used because he is proud of the way he talks and he does not want to be judged on that. Repetition is used to structure the poem which makes the poem effective in strengthening John Agard’s argument. The structure is fragmented which means there is gaps for pauses which makes John Agard’s point to the audience even more clear. The poem is even more effected because it is written in phonetics which means it is meant to be read out aloud to show John Agard’s real emotions and how he feels on be called “Half caste” .The reader feels his anger through the tone of the poem also there’s many hints of sarcasm which shows he feels the term “half caste“ is...

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