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How Producers In Mobile Phone Industry Influenced By Marketing Mix

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A company’s target are the customers most likely to purchase their products. Being the producers, we think that mostly the consumers are bewildered. Therefore, the producers try to make the decision for them, from making products that respond to the consumer needs of today and to making new products that anticipate the consumer needs of tomorrow through various demographics, usage patterns, benefits desired or geographic segments. The key is to develop a typical profile of the average customer and determine their primary needs.

Traditionally, sellers use the marketing mix to target customers, the 4P’s of product, price, place and promotion. Marketing mix has been used as a groundwork which acts as a guideline for marketers to appliance a marketing concept. This study will relate the concept of rapid changing mobile technology product market. The business environment in which it operates is highly competitive with intense rivalry not only from direct competitors but also from the environment.

Product plays a massive part for global technology companies like Apple Inc., which not only have to provide a number of diverse and stylish-looking products but to keep continuously innovating with their products. The company that started with humble beginnings grew steadily, introducing the Apple II series of personal computers, the Mac and then the much sought-after iPod, iPhone and iPad. More and more innovation to satisfy consumer needs. It might be argued that even though ‘product’ is a crucial role of the digital industry, it is the innovation form associated with the products that give firms extraordinary advantage over its rivals.

Mobile was a contemporary device and the market has always depended on innovation, which can be in terms of product or service. With companies already furnishing internet access over mobile phones, the new trend is to add the facility to watch television programs on the mobile phone. Rather than the 4P’s, performance in the technology industry is driven more by changes tied to inherent preferences which can be because of the changing portfolio or modifications in the characteristic of models in the product line. While the 4P’s is still relevant in terms of marketing theory and practice, it oversimplifies the reality of marketing management in terms of mobile phone market...

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