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How Pups In The Workplace Can Lower Stress

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There is probably nothing more for pet lovers than taking their quadruped to work with them. The latest researches have proven that taking pets to workplace has resulted in lot happier and less stressed environment in the job. Scientists found that people who take their dogs to work reported lower stress throughout the day than employees without dogs or those who had dogs but didn’t take them to work (International Journal of Workplace Health Management). Many previous studies have linked the presence of pets with less stress and better health. For example, in hospitals and nursing homes, animals have contributed to faster recovery from surgery, controlling blood pressure and depression levels of patients.
As the organizations continue to be aware of the importance of commitment, perceived organizational support, and employee satisfaction. They are also aware that many factors can influence an employee perceptions about the workplace. A growing trend of allowing pets in, hospitals, nursing homes, and other health care facilities has been advanced to companies as well. The reactions are consistent with human-animal interaction research supporting the role of pets as a form of non-evaluative social support which may extend to the workplace to enhance interpersonal interactions, positively affect employee morale and turnover, and reduce stress reactions.
Pet ownership has been associated with a number of positive health outcomes involving less loneliness, reduced frequency of heart rates, fewer doctor visits, and greater social support as well as emotional closeness and support. An increasing number of studies support the premise that pets buffer the impact of stress for their owners. In a study measuring cardiovascular stress reactivity following a stress task completed in the presence of a pet dog or a close friend, researchers reported lower physiological indicators of stress in female dog owners when the pet was present.
Interaction with unfamiliar therapy dog even for five minutes has resulted in reduction in salivary cortisol (the hormone used to measure psychological...

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