How Racial Profiling Led To The Death Of Trayvon Martin

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Racial Profiling

As I walk to the store to pick up snacks for the next half of the super bowl, I am trying to make it quick. I finally arrive at the store and quickly get my two favorite items, skittles and an ice tea. Thinking to myself that this is all I need, not knowing that it would be my last meal. On the walk back home, I have a feeling that I am being followed. I speed up. I turn around to find that a grown Hispanic man, mid-age, and heavily built is in fact, following me. In my head, I just want to make it home safely. Every move I make, he makes the same moves. Finally I turn around, quite nervous, to see if there was a problem. Next thing I know, we are on the ground fighting. Here I am, seventeen years old, up against a man in his thirties. As we fight, I know that this situation isn’t going to end well. Last thing I remember is being shot in my stomach. While I lay in the grass taking my last breaths, all I could think is “Why me”?
Young Trayvon Martin was killed because of racial profiling. Due to the way he was dressed, in all black with a hoodie, he was seen as a threat. Trayvon had no intentions to hurt anyone, he carried no weapon, but just because the way he looked he was murdered. Racial profiling is wrong in many ways. The history of racial profiling and the psychology proves that racial profiling is nothing but an excuse for blatant racism. Humans are not put on this earth to be wrongly accused simply by the way that they look. How a person lives or dies should not be based on racial profiling which is an immoral and unethical tactic.
Opponents will argue that racial profiling is based on suspicious behavior and not on race. They feel as though racial profiling can potentially stop certain crimes before they happen. Along with that, people feel that it protects the community from harm. These opponents argue that racial profiling is apart of law enforcements duty and they will try and find some cases in which racial profiling has been successful.
However, racial profiling defeats the theory of innocent until proven guilty. Whether it is a police or a person of the community, their choice to racial profile is based off personal prejudice. A person may not be a threat to society, but just because a citizen or officer of the law felt like they were does that make it okay to take matters in their own hands? Law enforcement has a job to protect, if their racial profiling judgment is in fact wrong, they can lose trust and creditability. Through there may have been cases were racial profiling has worked, due to luck; the cases in which they have been wrong have ended in devastating ways. Racial profiling continues to be a prevalent and egregious form of discrimination in the United States.
Racial profiling is discrimination, and discrimination is...

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