How Radical Was The American Revolution History 17.1 History Midterm

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Francisco Garnica
History 17.1
October 29,2017
How Radical was the American Revolution
Throughout history there has been a significant amount of revolutions, from unremarkable to unforgettable. Such as the French Revolution, the Bolshevik Revolution, and the American Revolution. Through an examination of the social, economic and political causes of the American Revolution. An exploration of key arguments both for and against the American Revolution. And an analysis of the social, economic and political changes brought about by the American Revolution it can be demonstrated that the American Revolution was indeed truly radical.
Come the late eighteenth century and the colonies had vastly grown economically, socially, and politically; which fired up the confidence within the colonies themselves to want to break ties from Great Britain. The foundation to the colonies had finally been firmly established enabling the colonists to focus on exploring and improving the colonies instead of struggling to build. There was a new sense of pride within the colonists at this time that had not existed before.
The economy that predated revolution was rampant, colonies all issued their own paper money which affected the value of coins and in doing so, caused value of currency to vary between the colonies. Inflation became prevalent due to currency value between new england and great britain. No matter the difference in the value of a pound from colony to colony, none ever matched that of a British pound of shillings. An even more impactful issue was the English Parliament's absurd taxation laws that was applied to every commodity that the colonies seemed to be profiting in through trade with other countries such as France and Spain. After the revolution, the economy was drastically changed. Economically, colonies were no longer obligated to pay taxes or debts. Trading with other countries such as France and Spain took off since the colonies were no longer under the provision of the british government, also more importantly the demand for agricultural commodities in the south caused up a stir with the pending issue of slavery. Southern colonies pleaded to keep slaves while increasing their representation per population which then led to the three fifths compromise. Slavery at this point in time could have been abolished however it would have been at the risk of all slave-holding states to leave the union. The question at the time was, do you want an imperfect United States or no United States at all (Horton, 15).
The government of the New America initially was believed to be capable of functioning with minor adjustments through the Articles of Confederation. The initial document in the Articles of Confederation addressed the most perplexing matter between the colonies which was state vs federal rights and power to avoid a monarchy from rising again such as Britain's. Each state retained its “sovereignty, freedom, and independance” (PowerPoint, 3)...

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