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How Rap Is Influenced By God

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Hip hop has become an important figure to mainly the African Americans turning into African American “English” relating to the culture because of the singing culture/tradition. Many agree that people do look for ways to find accustoms towards the culture or tradition. “Rap is the verbal-musical element of hip-hop which society mostly associates.” (Stewart) Many songs relate through some sort of expression, describing the way the hardships of people may have gone through, such as mother or father passing, being involved in gang related crimes; murdering people, selling drugs having friends/family being killed. Also going through parents lacking care to the child, having to see many inhumane things out in the “ghetto” has lead to many people going through lyrical expression. To let the world hear the cry for help the society felt against the world’s problems. “Rap began to popularize during the 70s. As a creation by black youth who experienced the turbulence from racism, poverty and violence during infamous 60s. (Kitwana) The hardships of the 60s were very depressing. New racial laws segregating the minorities deprived the race and also lead to lyrical depression verses. Young families would be affected greatly because of the lack of money that was available for the families to survive from. The segregated laws have always cut hours, also forbidding many people from entering places to eat because of the color of skin that the minorities were born in. Majority of the artists through the 1970s-present have started a trend explains the life story that one may have gone through. “These artists focused on the social issues of black urban, described as a social critique.” (Dyson) Being poor or having difficulties in life often means that people in those social rankings live in crime affiliated neighborhoods maybe even growing up without a role model or even going to school where students lack motivation and end up failing. The vast majority of the rappers now a day have truly focused on describing life. So many people may hear the expressions through albums or singles some sort of method involved.
During the 80s and 90s rappers did involve many of the “social” critiques that were being faced. Through out the lives of the emotionally damaged rappers there was usually a story to every one of the songs produced. Usually containing a background story, sometimes in form of prayer because the people that explain this, do not know in what other form to pray to God. Some may say that such rappers as in Tupac who believed that God was present even in the most pro founded depressing situations. Although rapped about many luxuries that were committed to the wants Tupac pertained, also did explore more into police brutality, poverty and corruption with the Government. Tupac was very concerned with the way society was being governed. Believing that the law had turned numb towards the minorities’ situation. Tupac began to think and contemplate. Tupac went through...

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