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How Reality Tv Has Affected Society

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Throughout history, there have been many different genres of television shows. A genre that has affected society the most is Reality TV. Reality Television has changed television because it tells society about things like sex and violence. These have not been put on air in the past. But some situations they air are not exactly as real as it may look. For example, even though all the dangerous, extreme moves wrestlers use may look real, it is staged and scripted. Also many writers like to incorporate racial and sexist stereotypes in their shows. With all that put together, Reality TV sends the wrong message to its viewers. Reality Television has a negative impact on society because it is scripted, writers use too many stereotypes to define a character, and it sends the wrong message to its viewers.
Reality Television has changed television in a way that no one could have imagined. Being the one of the most talked about genre in history, it is seen by millions of viewers. It has more ratings than any other kind of show (Breyer 16). From its start, there have been many Reality Television shows. Shows like The Real World, Survivor, Big Brother, and Jersey Shore. All of these give off a negative portrayal of reality. While Americans watch these shows, it seems that the show is real life, but in reality, no pun intended, before the show is even filmed, it’s written, edited, and produced (Breyer 21). Writers humiliate and degrade people just for the plot of the show, making their private lives public (Breyer 16).
One question that viewers ask is, “Is Reality Television really real?” One can think so, but in the long run, it is really not. A great example of discovering this is World Wrestling Entertainment, also known as the WWE. From its original name, World Wrestling Federation, it has had a huge fan base from the early 1970s to present day. But there have been many times where it has been questioned if it is real or not. Robert Picarello, author of Monsters of the Mat, recalls;
When Kurt Angle won his first World Wrestling Federation Championship on October 22, 2000, at No Mercy, beating out The Rock, there’s a good chance that his tears of joy weren’t all that real. But if you flash back four years from his first WWF title win to the Summer Olympics in Atlanta, where Angle won an Olympic gold medal in the 220-pound weight class of freestyle wrestling, you’ll find out his tears were quite genuine (1).
There are two types of people in the wrestling business. Faces and Heels. A Face is the fan-favorite, good guy and a Heel is the hated, bad guy. Wrestlers are scripted to play these roles and some have played both sides many times. When debuting in the WWF, The Rock, who was originally called Rocky Maivia, was a Face. But, the fans didn’t really like him. So a good way for the fans to give him a chance, WWF writers scripted The Rock to turn against the fans, rile up the fans, and make a name for himself (Picarello 114). Now Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson...

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