How Relavent Is Fayol's Five Functions Of Management In A Modern Meduim Sized Building Firm?

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IntroductionHenri Fayol, a French engineer who worked his way up to become the director of mines, published "Administration Industrielle et Generale " in 1916. Constance Sorrs did not translate the publication to English until the 1940s. Fayol was therefore mostly overlooked by the American writers of the time. Fayol was at the forefront of the classical school of management theory, which helped develop the principles of a modern manager.The main points to come out of his publication were his 14 principles of management. That all activities within a firm can fit into six functions technical, commercial, financial, security, accounting and managerial activities.In response to the question "what is managerial activates?" he developed his five functions of management. He believed that these five functions could be taught and were not something that you were born with. So to what extent can a theory on management published almost 100 years ago still be relevant in a modern, medium sized building firm? First we should look at what his five functions are.Fayols five functions of managementFayol defined five functions that any manager must perform. These arePlan and forecastPlanning is the setting out of goals and objectives of the company as well as the employee. The manager must also specify the means to achieving these goals. Forecasting is closely linked to planning and involves making sure your plans take account of what is expected to happen in the future. In today's world forecasting and planning would mean the same thing.OrganisingOrganising involves creating a structure to help achieve these goals and objectives. The manager must determine all the tasks that have to be done and allocate these tasks to the employees. Organising, involves translating the planned steps into a reality through the means of an infrastructure. At this stage it is necessary to assign tasks, to set deadlines, allocate resources, to decide what structures are yet to be created and to whom additional responsibilities should be delegated.CommandingGiving out orders so that the work is done. ( states that commanding is making sure work is done based on commands and obedience to commands. This can be done by the setting out of company rules and regulations.Co-ordinateThis is the binding together, unifying and harmonising all activity and effort. It involves setting the structure of the hierarchy to allow greater communication. It is also making sure that work can progress in unity with other departments. Sometimes unifying different groups of labour can achieve better quality of work.ControlControl involves monitoring performance, comparing performance with goals and correcting the system. Having effective control methods can allow you to make better decisions as your more informed.Background of the firmThe firm I am going to look at for comparisons with Fayols functions is W J Harte Construction. This is a medium sized building firm of about 50...

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