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How Reliable Are The Different Ways Of Knowing When It Comes To Leading Us Towards The Truth?

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Before we get to answer the question above, let us first discuss about what Truth really means. To me personally, there is no such thing as an absolute truth that exists in this world. The reason is because what we believe to be true might not be so by other people. Different people have different mindset and beliefs that they hold as their basis on having an opinion. There are three theories of truth: Correspondent, Coherence, and Pragmatic Theories. Correspondent theory states that a statement is true if it correspond to a real life situation. Coherence theory states that a statement is true if we believe it is true. Pragmatic theory states that a statement is true if it’s useful for us.
The ways of knowing enable us to seek further into the truth itself. However, different kind of truth will need different ways or knowing that can help us towards the truthfulness.
Perception deals with our senses in which truths are given through what we experience. It provides us with real-life experience proof that something can and should be considered as true. We receive the information from our senses, such as sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell. We interpret that information into something that we understand. For example, if I was standing on a pathway near the road, I can know that there is a car coming towards me because I can see it, and I can hear the machine going towards me. Therefore that statement is true, that a car is coming towards me because my senses told me so. The perception method really based itself on the correspondent theory.
On the other hand, what if we close our eyes and just let our other senses tell what is going on around us. Take the car story for example, if we close our eyes but can only hear the machine’s ‘vroom’ voice, we will say that a car is coming towards us, but when we open our eyes, turns out there is no car coming but our friend is just playing a car’s sound on their phone. This proves that our senses and perception cannot be relied in terms of telling the truth.
Perception shouldn’t be the only way we should use to find the truth we were looking for. Just because we assume that something is happening, we can’t just trust what we perceive, we have to clarify it using other methods. The five senses should be use altogether in order for us to know whether something is true or not, to seek the truth because if one of it isn’t working perfectly what we receive and what our brain interpret will not be trustable.
Another way of knowing is through language. Language is a code that we use to communicate with each other. As a group of people we agree on a certain code that we can use as a medium of communication, a code that we all understand. Language provides us with certainty as we get information from others about a fact that we can consider as true. Language is made up of words, and words can be defined with other words to tell us the meaning of it. Translation of one word from a language to another can be...

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