How Religion Is Causing Problems Jc Year 11 Essay

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Roaring at religion
As I wake up every Sunday thinking this isn’t fair, it’s rather stupid. Why do I have to do this? Why do I have to spoil the one day that I get off my work to worship something that isn’t even real? But let me get back on track, this isn’t about religion being real or not. This is about religion being the most useless thing on face of the earth.
So this small town that I lived in, so many problems but only one solution, God.
So every time something broke, they would sit on their asses and pray but do nothing to stop it themselves. So what has religion done, it has made us LAZY. We count on some omnipotent, omnibenevolent and omniscient universal life force which again isn’t real to solve our problems and help us. Why these people couldn’t get up and help themselves or even each other but religion has separated us from society. Luckily for them this town only had the same type of idiots so they would get along about their beliefs and unluckily for me these idiots made me go to church. So what is my problem, these idiots that I keep carrying on about they think that they our right, their religion will prevail, there is a special place in heaven and the list goes on. But that’s not my problem, when they try to get me to believe their B grade fairytale to be true and shove that load of crap in my face. And I’ll say no like any rational human being would but then suddenly I’m offending your religion. Suddenly I’m the villain of their B grade fairytale and I’m the devil. And no I’m not joking these idiots believe in the devil and I am the second coming. Ok I know that was my Halloween costume as a 6 year old but it was cute back then.
So the next day as I was in a different town, I hoped things would change. Sadly things were still the same. At least there were no Sunday church however the same stupid attitudes and I was truly fed up. Also I’d like to make it clear that I don’t have a problem against the NORMAL people that follow religion, I have a problem with the maniacs and the concept of religion itself. In a modern society where I can call someone 20000 km always and carrying around a million pounds on a card or a sheet of paper called a check, why do we need religion? So let’s go back in time for a second, the concept of religion was needed to answer questions we couldn’t even comprehend the idea of and give us a moral code because we were somehow incapable of doing so without religion. To most of your surprise I will acknowledge that religion has given us a vague...

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