How Research Can Affect Teaching At The Classroom Level

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Scientific based research helps classroom teaching because it uses data that helps teachers see what instructional strategies work for their students in their classrooms. They can also allow teachers a way to test new, proven strategies in their classrooms with different classes to see for themselves the improvements promised. Action research allows teachers to continue to learn new, different ways of educating entire classrooms and the ever developing curriculums of every school district. Action research for every teacher shows the disposition of Excellence, which allows teachers to use evidence-based instructional strategies to improve student learning. The main obstacles that teachers face when using action research are the available time they have to do a quality action research project and the money to fund the different instruction programs that are designed to work. Teachers can overcome the obstacle of time by working with another teacher in their department or a group of teachers to help spread the amount of work and research on the different strategies between them and can use multiple classrooms to test those same strategies. To get past the obstacle of money, teachers can make up their own materials or use other materials found that will do the same exact thing that new programs promise. I will use what I learned in this class to continue to research new strategies that will help educate these new students, I will not be afraid to try new methods of instruction that has been peer-reviewed and proven to work in similar classrooms, and I will seek feedback from students, fellow teachers, and administration to see what methods work and which ones don’t in their opinion, and use quantitative data to see if their opinions mirror the actual happenings in the classroom.
Journal Entry Two: How Research Can Impact School-wide Achievement
My current school does not decide on what curriculum they will use or the policies they will follow, those decisions are made by our district office. If our school was allowed to make their own decisions based on research, I believe our school would improve their instruction and their overall staff buy-in to new teaching techniques. I think by having our teachers work together on issues that they believe is concerning to them in their classroom and we allow them the time to work together, the overall campus instruction would improve. The campus would be a well-oiled machine that would work together in the overall success of the campus and the students would have the same types of educational instruction that would allow all students to learn at a very high rate. An example where research can help our campus is in the ever growing issues of students using technology in their I-phones and in their smart phones. If we were allowed to work together as a campus, we could come up with proven ways to use that technology that is not counterproductive. We can also make our own policy of...

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