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How Revolutionary Was The Revolutionary War?

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The American Revolution was an essential and detrimental part in helping shape America into the country we live in today. This helped us gain the certain unalienable rights that we are accustomed to. The war took place from 1775 and 1783. This war was a fight between the colonies and the mother land of Great Britain. The war was an essential part in forming America as we know it today. Other key factors that helped mold America were Political Independence , Social Equality, Women’s rights and slavery. These factors played a key role in forming America as we know it .
The first of the revolutionary factors that helped shape America was political independence. As the picture implies in (Doc one)this an example of political independence. The patriots in the picture are toppling a statue of the English rule King George the III. This image symbolizes the colonies separation from the mother land of Great Britain. It shows that the colonies will no longer abide by the rules and regulations of King George , and henceforth create and establish their own laws. Another example of political independence displayed by the colonies is the partaking in the Boston tea party. By throwing the tea overboard into the harbor the colonist showed Britain that they would not stand for the tax that they placed on tea.
The second factor that helped shaped America is social change. Some say that social change was the most important of all the factors. There became a relationship between people of different classes. As the image portrays in (Doc three) there are wealthy upper-class citizens playing billiards with people who were too poor to even afford shoes for their feet. The coming together of these two classes shows a great example of social change, because usually there would be no association between these two parties. This plays a great part in the revolution because Americans demonstrating social change tells us we can get past each other’s differences and see each other as Americans, and these principles are what our country is based on in...

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