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How School Bullying Is Handled Today. Current Event. Apa Format With Referneces.

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School Bullying"Jordan Hankin balls his fist and smacks his other hand with it, tilting his head to one side and peering through half-lidded eyes. Yeah, it's time to show you the ropes, he says in a sarcastic bully's voice. Bring it on, new kid. I'll show you what this school is about." All of us who have been bullied know this story. This story here was given to a local newspaper when this story became big news in my community.Research into bullying began 20 years ago in Europe. America sat up and took notice after some highly publicized school shootings. A study commissioned by Washington Attorney General Christine Gregoire in 2000 found 90 percent of the fourth- through eighth-grade students surveyed reported they had been bullied. Researchers, educators and children agree that bullying is hostile, threatening or intimidating behavior. It can be physical, shoving or grabbing; verbal name-calling or insults; or exclusionary, the "Don't play with her, she's not our friend" game. Bullying occurs in schools every day. It ranges from simple name-calling to the type of active exclusion that investigations found contributed to the rage of Columbine. Research also found that girls and boys bully equally, though they use different methods. Girls tend toward verbal and exclusionary bullying, while boys are physical.The anti-bully bill was approved by the Legislature earlier this month. It now awaits Gov. Gary Locke's signature. The bill gives schools until Aug. 1 to write and implement strong anti-bullying policies and train staff and students to use them. Eleven states, including New Jersey and Colorado, have adopted anti-bullying legislation similar to Washington's law.What I am worried about is the bill's reporting requirements. Under the new law, teachers are required to report incidents of bullying that require intervention taking up time the teachers do not have a lot of.Some of the strategies that some local schools have used are a playground mediation team and student-led problem-solving group. Here the students attend annual classes on friendship, respect and politeness. The hope is that the students with solve their fights on their own and spread what they have learned to others.Is there a difference between bullies in Grade school and High school?Like most things in high...

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