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How Schools Kill Creativity Essay

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I sit at my cold, uncomfortable desk, listening to my teacher drone on with the boring lecture. The teacher finally stops talking and proposes a question. I feel unprepared to answer the question because my brain has been fried, and my ears, talked off. I start to fear making a mistake, because I might say something wrong; I know that if I do slip up, I will be shot down by the teacher. After this intimidation, he announces that it's test time. Another scantron is passed out. Time to fill in hundreds of bubbles that seem to overwhelm by brain: A B C or D? This is the kind of scenario Ken Robinson talks about in his Ted Talk, How Schools Kill Creativity. Because of this sense of fear and ...view middle of the document...

On the other hand, it's the school’s one and only responsibility is to educate the child. As Father Flanagan, the priest of the catholic church once said, ¨It is the parents responsibility to develop their [child’s] character.” The schools only goal is to instill an educated in the student, not to form their character. Imagination and creativity are not vital aspects in an education, according to him. Rather, the parents can deal with instilling a sense of creativity in their child. Another argument is that ¨creativity develops on the soil of knowledge.¨ It is important to focus on things like getting the answer correct, and having that solid base of wisdom, in order to use the imagination and come up with creative ideas.
Regarding this, it is important to know that studies have shown that creativity is, in fact, not innate; it is something that needs to be taught and nurtured. Everyone has the potential to be an artist but the challenge is keeping that creative side of human beings alive. "It's not that creativity can necessarily disappear," said Ron Beghetto, a psychologist at the University of Oregon. "But it can be suppressed in particular contexts."This means that when we continuously place our classroom focus on standardized tests, and feel intimidated to just be spontaneous and guess, we hamper our development of creativity. We are so focused on being accurate that it is uncommon to hear an “unexpected, novel, divergent thought.” Because of this, creativity should be a huge part of our education. A huge flaw our educational systems has deadlines that deter us from being creative. Teachers have guidelines and must abide by curriculum that has a due date. Because of this, there is very little time for a project or assignment that calls for some creativity. There are still ways to incorporate a creative environment into the classroom, and it is important for teachers to take note of this.
As this issue has been brought to teachers attention, I have noticed some small...

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