How Shakespeare Was A Fraud And How Edward De Vere Was The True Author Of The Shakespearian Works.

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Frauds are common all throughout history. One of the most infamous, but least commonly known, fakes of all time was William Shakespeare. Shakespeare did not author any of the plays for which he is credited.The plays that Shakespeare apparently wrote had in-depth details of how the court system worked. Therefore, "There is no mention in the documents of the time of a Shakespeare's... intimate acquaintance with the inner court circles as has been implied by such contemporaries" (Anderson, et al. 6). This supports that Shakespeare never acquired information of the systematic procedures in the Elizabethan court. Anderson's quote also supports that the author of the plays Shakespeare received credit for had a direct connection to, or was a significant part of the court system. Furthermore, "The Shakespeare plays and poems show that the author had specific knowledge of certain works of literature, certain prominent persons in Elizabeth's court, and events connected with them" (Anderson, et al. 2). Shakespeare's education also did not support his authorship. The Shakespearian works are ingeniously worded as though of a man with a superior knowledge in astronomy, history, and language could have only authored these works of art. "Shakspere's own children grew up functionally illiterate . . . Shakspere's closest distaff relatives are . . . functionally illiterate" (Price 4), and Shakespeare had only attended the grammar school of Stratford. Someone with such an inferior education could not have written plays of such craftsmanship. Moreover, the author of the Shakespearian plays must have not only had an education in literature, but also in music, science, and medicine for in a number of Shakespeare's plays there are many references to such subjects. Also, "When [Shakespeare] needed a word that didn't exist...he'd take one from Latin or Greek and make an English word of it" (Huges 19). A man with an education, such as inventing words from the ancient Latin and Greek languages, would not have literati inclined children, such as Shakespeare did.There are many theories of who had the rightful authorship of the plays; however, Edward...

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