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How Should We Then Live Essay

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Throughout history there have been many different worldviews. Ultimately though, very few of these worldviews produced the answers that men wanted to find. When we look at diverse cultures in history we can see how their worldview affected how they saw beauty. Francis Schaffer, in his book How Should We Then Live shows how different worldviews affected social and political affairs and the arts. The Christian worldview is the only worldview that gives hope and answers. Those who try to find answers apart from the Christian worldview are destined for a life of dissatisfaction. The Christian worldview is the only one that will allow us to properly view social and political affairs and the ...view middle of the document...

As citizens it is our duty to obey the leadership that God has put over us. But as Christians, it is our duty to be involved in our government and to strive to compel them to rule according to the laws of God.
Not only does the Christian worldview affect how we participate in our government but it also defines how we see beauty. Those who have only darkness in their heart and soul see beauty in dark and disturbing art. People who are Goth for example, see art in blackness and evil clothing, art and music. The darkness that is inside of them reflects on what they see beauty in. Francis Schaeffer says, "A person's worldview almost always shows through in his creative output, however, and thus the marks on the things he creates will be different." As a Christian we have the light of Christ in our hearts. Having this light, we see beauty in things that pertain to God and his creation. Saying this, it is not only Christians who can create and see beauty. Schaeffer points out, "It is not only Christians who can paint with beauty, nor for that matter only Christians who can love of who have creative stirrings." God has made all mean in his image and has given them the ability to be creative. Nevertheless, a persons worldview affects how they create and see art. Christians then, create and see art in a way that glorifies God. They should have a proper understanding of where true beauty can be found. True beauty can only be found in God and everything that is truly beautiful. With this is mind Christians participate in the arts with the knowledge that God is the author of beauty and that they should use their creativity for God's glory.
Having a Christian worldview should affect everything that we do. How Should We Then Live encourages us to find the proper worldview and then act according to that view. The Christian worldview allows us to have a proper understanding of beauty. With...

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