How Sleep Can Save Your Life

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How Sleeping Can Save Your Life
Without sleep humans would struggle more than a teenager in high school. Sleep is a fundamental part of human life. Sleep helps the human body remain in homeostasis, or maintaining stability. Highschoolers are notorious for falling asleep in class, right? Well actually teenagers have different sleep schedule than other adults. In fact, if the groups are aggregated into ages, not all of the groups are not receiving the amount of sleep that the groups should be. But there are ways to better a sleep schedule. The people that don’t receive enough sleep and don’t want to fall victim the ailments of sleep deprivation should adhere to these rules. Sleep is one of ...view middle of the document...

” The important fact that must be realized is that teens aren’t getting the sleep that they need. Too often is it heard that teenagers never sleep and stay up till the break of dawn. But it is not only teens that need sleep. According to the National Sleep Foundation “New borns need between 12-18 hours of sleep, infants14-15, toddlers 12-14, preschoolers 11-13, school age children 10-11, teens 8.5-9, and adults 7-9” The significance is that not all of these groups are getting the sleep that they need. And as stated above, not getting enough sleep can have serious repercussions on the human body and mental health. So the question, the elephant in the room, is what are ways to get enough sleep?
Sleep. One of the most important functions of the human body. Unfortunately most people don’t understand how to properly get the amount of sleep that their body needs. TeensHealth has recently brought to light some research that should put people to rest on the subject. “Setting a regular bedtime, exercising regularly, avoiding stimulants, relaxing, and avoiding all nighters” are just a few of the ways to avoid not getting enough sleep. Another way of getting a good nights rest is to just turn down the lights. Most people don’t truly understand how to get the proper amount of sleep per night. This is why we have problems with teenagers in school. And the fact that teachers create lengthy reports and assignments...

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