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How Social Media Has Caused A Radical Change On Communication

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Social Media is a phenomenon that has changed the world, a simple idea that became a trend, and then turned out to be the most important way to communicate on the individual, corporate and governmental level. It is one of the fastest and easiest ways for people to share and receive information. Social Media dramatically transformed the approach to how people are able to communicate amongst one another. Social Media websites are widespread, it is astonishing to know that recent statistics show that: “73% of online adults use social networking site” (Hampton, Goulet, Rainie & Purcell, 2011, introduction paragraph). Through Social Media websites, which are numerous today such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Keek, and My Space, individuals are now able to share each single detail of their lives by a click of a mouse. The social media has caused a radical positive change in the communication field, because it eliminated all borders and barriers of communication and eventually turned the word to a global village, where individuals are able to interact and respond to each other in an easy, intelligible, and convenient way.

To begin with, one of the most important advantages of social media is the increased interactions with family and friends living away from each other. Now contacting your father, sister or friend living away from you is no longer a complicated process. You do not need to wait for the postal worker to collect your letter from the mailbox and get it shipped to another continent, or exhaust your pocket with high cost telephone bills anymore. Alternatively, you can now make an audio/video call using Skype, post a picture through Facebook to share a special moment with your family and friends, and start a conversation with them wherever you are, whenever you need. All of the above is only a click away and free of cost.

In addition, Social media became the easiest tool to access and share news and information on various topics. This fact created a need for most individuals to be present on different social networking websites, where they can receive information about topics of their interest or broadcast topics with relevance to their profession or orient. Besides social networking is the fastest method to spread information to a mass audience, as “a fraction of a second” is the time needed to post and spread news and information to millions of social networkers. It has substituted the role of newspapers, TV channels, books and magazines for many people. Nowadays thousands of specialized accounts are found to enrich your information in all fields such as education, sports, finance, fitness or fashion....

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