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How Steve Jobs Affected The World

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There have been many different people in the world today who have contributed to the buildup of technology. Steve Jobs was one of the most world-wide known of these people. Steve Jobs affected the world by bringing a whole new idea of technology into our everyday life.
Steve Jobs was born on February 24, 1955 in San Francisco, California to two parents that graduated from University of Wisconsin. These parents later on gave up their son for adoption without even giving him a name. He was twenty-seven when he found and discovered his biological parents. He was adopted as an infant by Clara and Paul Jobs who named him Steven Paul Jobs since his biological parents hadn’t given him a name. When he was young he lived in Mountain View in Silicon Valley, California. At a young age he was introduced to electronics while working with his dad. His dad taught him how to take apart and put back together electronics in their garage. He died at the age of 56 due to Pancreatic Cancer (A+E Television Networks, LLC).
While at Monta Loma Elementary School Jobs didn’t want to study for any of his tests but always passed them. The administrators wanted to move him to a different grade because of how intelligent he was, but his parents refused with the answer that he had already made friends and would be singled out in a different grade due to how little he was. While attending Homestead High School in 1971 he met his future partner Steve Wozniak. After he was out of high school he enrolled at the Reed College in Portland, Oregon. After not knowing how to adapt to college he dropped out six months later. He didn’t go to full college for the next eighteen months but instead took creative classes in the community (A+E Television Networks, LLC).
Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak both started attending the Homebrew Computer Club in their hometown. At the club they “discussed and experimented with hardware and software, including video games”(Massachusetts Institute of Technology). Jobs wanted to start building his own computers then convinced Wozniak to start with him. They were forced to sell some of their things in order to have the amount of money they needed to start building computer from scratch( Massachusetts Institute of Technology).
One of Jobs main achievements was being able to introduce the company of Apple to the world. In order for him to do that he had to somehow create a computer. He did this with his partner Steve Wozniak. Wozniak was more advanced in technology than what Jobs was, so he had a few advantages. In 1976 Wozniak designed the Apple 1, and Jobs convinced him to put it on the market. Jobs wanted the computer on the market by April 1, 1976. They agreed that “The market was not ready for such an advancement in technology, thus setting back the take off of Apple until 1977.”(PBS). Since the Apple 1 didn’t succeed in selling on the market, Jobs and Wozniak started to make the Apple 2. It would...

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