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How Steve Jobs Changed The World Columbia State Intro To Business Book Report

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Kyle Chandler
Book Report
Intro to Business
November 5, 2017
Steve Jobs The Genius Who Changed Our World
I read a Magazine Published By Time Magazine About Steve Jobs and how he changed our world. The magazine goes into depth about the inventions that Steve Jobs created that changed our world. Think about everyone that uses an iPhone or Mac or iPad and other Apple devices. They are everywhere. Part of what made Jobs so successful in the business world was his need to be in control. “To say that Jobs is a control freak is just a start” said Author Richard Stengal. Every bit of apple devices, even apple stores, the perfection and detail in every facet of the company is brilliant and mesmerizing. Stengal speaking about jobs said “He saw what other people had, made it perfect and sold it to the world. And when he was done, the world was a far better place.” Stengal means that jobs looked around and sought to make improvements on things people had so that they could live a better easier life. Jobs was the leader of a 24-billion-dollar company and you don’t get there by being normal. Jobs was precise, hard-working, a control freak, and more than anything he was motivated. That may be the single most important thing I learned from reading this, you must be motivated in order to accomplish what you want in the business world. Jobs went from being a college dropout to the man behind inventions that changed our life, and It is truly remarkable.
One Thing I learned in this book was how precise and exact Jobs demanded everything to be. Even if the google app on the apple products worked just fine, if the icon wasn’t exactly right it wasn’t good enough. Everything had to be perfect before he sold it. This is a valuable lesson for entrepreneurs. I learned that if I decide to own a business one day I need to be sure that everything I sell is just right. Taking short cuts may work at first but not in the long run, and it is important to always look at ways to improve the goods and service. Perfectionism isn’t always the best thing for an entrepreneur but being precise is.
Another thing I learned is that you have to love what you do and be motivated. Steve jobs loved inventing things and improving things to make the world a better place. As a business person you won’t be as successful if you don’t love what your doing and are motivated to do it. You can be motivated, and you will be successful. You can be...

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