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How Stress Affect The Lgbt Community?

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There have been many recent studies performed that focus on stress and how stress affect people physically, emotionally and/or psychologically. Though people who make up being a part of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community are considerably lower than the general public; members of the LGBT community face various issues that cause stress that people of the heterosexual community do not face. Some of these include stress due to identity exploration and acceptance of their sexuality, suffering self-esteem issues, lack of support systems; possible victimization due to assault and/or battery; difficulties and limitations of dating, and finding balances within their lives. ...view middle of the document...

This research is relevant due to the fact that few studies have been conducted about bisexual men and little is known about their lifestyle satisfactions or the stress (if any) that accompany the suppression of their sexuality. There are various components that affect every gay and bisexual man and lead them to come out and be open about their sexuality as well as many other factors that discourage them doing so. However, in this study we will focus and compare those gay and bisexual men who are closeted and compare them to those who are not. Finally, I hypothesize that overall, openly bisexual men are more content with their lifestyles than those who are not open about their sexuality and feel that they have to hide their sexuality from others.
Above, I stated of some factors which members of the LGBT community face that heterosexuals do not. Stress affects every person on many different levels and in several different ways (Brown & Pantalone, 2011). In comparison with fully heterosexual as well as fully homosexual men, bisexual men have a reported greater rate of depression, higher risk of substance abuse, more victimization by violence, higher rate of anxiety, more sexual health concerns as well as more developed suicidal ideations (Denizet-Lewis, 2014). The greater negative factors that bisexual men suffer, may be correlated due to the suppression and/or insecurities rooted from their sexual orientation. Knowing oneself as well as acceptance of one’s realization into their sexuality is a key element for a person at any age. This is especially so for someone that suffers depressive and/or anti-social tendencies due to the questioning/exploration of their sexual orientation, and therefore acceptance of one’s sexuality is important in personality development.
Continuing to the second factor of stress, it can be said that self-acceptance, or lack thereof, is crucial and can affect the healthy development of a bisexual man’s self-esteem. In an article from House and colleagues, they supplied information from a sample of 1,000 sexual and gender minorities that experienced interpersonal trauma and/or sexual discrimination. The sample showed an increase of some of those participants in engaging with suicidal and/or non-suicidal self-injury. This information was gathered from those participants that reported suffering high levels of interpersonal trauma and/or sexual discrimination (Brown & Pantalone, 2011). Thus, it can be argued that possession of low worth and low self-esteem can have a negative effect in personality development and increase in self-harming.
Like the other gender minorities, bisexual men face challenges of internal acceptance or denial with their own sexuality, as well as face possible social isolation; familial dissonance/banishment; religious excommunication; affect their professional careers and possible legal ramifications if they were married before these men accepted their sexual orientation. Furthermore, due to these...

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