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How Students React To I Pads In The Classroom

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The first iPad was introduced to the world in 2010. They have been a large hit all across the globe and have been greatly improved to fit our busy lives. IPads have been adapted to fit with our work, home, and school life. IPads have been new to everyone over the last few years, but are the newest things for schools to provide. As a result of classrooms using iPads, the student learning is improved, the bandwidth is upgraded, and the teacher is more effective.
Placing iPads in learning environments improves the way students learn. This is done by creating an interactive lesson. Chris Rochie researched how iPads affect students in the classroom and found out that the use of iPads makes ...view middle of the document...

Students will be using some of the same technology they might be utilizing in their future careers. When using these iPads they are creating their “21st Century skills” (Foster). These skills can be anything from digital literacy to technical problem solving. (Foster).
Schools have found a downside to giving every student a portable iPad for learning. According to Chris Rochie administrations have found students playing on games while they are supposed to be working on projects. Students have also been found using the internet for nonacademic purposes, which is a major distraction to their learning (Rochie).
For schools to handle the amount of use each student will do with their iPad they must upgrade their bandwidth. According to Sam Giliksman most schools have to install a robust internet router. This must be done to accommodate for the mass quantity of iPads that will need access to the internet. Schools must also know that their wireless internet signal can be connected to throughout the entire school (Giliksman). This must be done so every student has full use of their iPad in all rooms. Giliksman reported that schools also find that they will have many crashes with their internet network (Giliksman). This may happen from all of the large video and media files being uploaded and downloaded throughout the day from students.
Administration may hear complaints from families that they may not have wireless internet. Schools should have a plan to offer it to all homes at discounted prices so students can learn at school and at home (Giliksman). Sam Giliksman stated that schools should also have a policy for students whose wireless internet is out of service when a project or assignment may be due. This should be done so their is no confusion if this scenario does happen.
Teachers must recreate each lesson so they are more effective with the iPads. This makes teachers have an alternative way of teaching (Handwerk). Teachers may have to select apps for teaching a lesson that are school appropriate and aid the lesson being taught. According to Brian Handwerk, apps can offer new...

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