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How Successful Do You Think Owen Was As A Poet? Refer In Detail To Two Poems In Your Answer.

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Wilfred Owen’s poetry often expresses a strong and impressive feeling of the persona.
The poems ‘Storm’ and ‘Maundy Thursday’, both convey a man’s powerful, physical attractiveness to the persona. Owen uses his skillful writing to achieve such a strong impression of this in these two poems. In each poem, Owen uses the form and structure of the poem, diction of the poem, as well as poetic devices and figurative language to portray the feelings and thoughts of the persona.

The form and structure of both poems is a hybrid sonnet form, which develops and presents the key ideas of the poem. In ‘Storm’, the octet shows the attractiveness of the man to the persona and the persona’s desire to attract the attention of that man. Then, in the sestet the persona realizes the risk, yet still wants to try to attract the man he admires so much. He is even prepared for this to take over his whole life – ‘and happier were it if my sap consume.’ This shows that the persona does not care of what other people think of his behavior and he may appears completely ridiculous in other people’s eyes. ‘What matter if all men cry aloud and start,/ And women hide bleak faces in their shawl,/ At those hilarious thunders of my fall?’

Wilfred Owen reveals the attractiveness of the man to the persona in a completely different way in the second poem ‘Maundy Thursday’; He uses the behavior of other people to compare and contrast the action of the persona when the silver cross offers to be kissed. Then the poem builds to the persona’s action which reveals that the real treasure is the ‘live hand’ other than the ‘thin, and cold, and very dead’ Christ.

Owen very successfully uses figurative language in his poems. The ‘Storm’ opens with a powerful simile by comparing the man’s beautiful face with a cloud that is charged with lightning. This gives the reader an impression that the beauty of ‘his face’ is intense yet powerful and dangerous. The next example of figurative language is a very interesting simile where the persona is compared to a tree under the ‘glimmering lightning’ of the man’s beauty. The persona identifies himself with a tree that is exposed under the lightning and draws or deliberately attracts lightning. He feels compelled to do so, ‘So must I tempt that face to loose its lightning’. This line is strengthened by its placing at the start of the second stanza.

In ‘Maundy Thursday’, the word ‘kiss’ (“kissing”,...

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