How Successful Was The Marketing Campaign Of Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone?

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HOW SUCCESSFUL WAS THE MARKETING CAMPAIGN OF HARRY POTTER AND THE PHILOSPHERS STONE?The Harry Potter franchise is one of the most profitable franchises of all time and the film is the second highest grosser after Titanic. The marketing campaign has helped the franchise to develop. This essay will examine the success of the marketing campaign throughout the media.JK Rowling's first book "Harry Potter and the philosophers stone" was published in 1993. The plot focuses on Harry Potter who lives in a cupboard underneath the stairs at his Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon's house after the death of his parents in a car crash. Harry is then rescued into a world where nothing is as it seems and he discovers his true heritage at Hogwarts School of Wizardry and Witchcraft. The first teaser was the release of the picture of Harry's beloved owl Hedwig. And then nothing for a while, until photos of the train at Platform 9¾, which takes the young wizards to Hogwarts School.The first trailer soon followed, giving a taste of how Rowling's words translated onto the big screen.But having started with such a measured marketing campaign, the floodgates were then opened.Subsequent trailers revealed the flying broomsticks, moving stairs and even the magical Golden Snitch.Every newspaper published "exclusive" supplements of new photos from the film. Then there was a controversial Coca-Cola tie-in, in which the company reportedly paid Warner Brothers $100m to be associated with the film.Despite Rowling's stringent conditions that Harry's image could not be used - and Coke's pledge to fund literacy schemes - some fans were still upset at what they saw as selling out.Harry Potter toys was the big Christmas seller last year, elbowing out Furbys and Thunderbirds, with costumes, dolls and games available to collect.Advance sales of cinema tickets had already topped the half a million pounds mark and theatres had promised an unprecedented amount of screenings to accommodate the expected audiences.The handful of people who had the privilege of seeing the film ahead of its première reported, that the director had stayed true to the book and fans would not be disappointed. This is just a quick overview of the marketing campaign of Harry Potter and the philosopher's stone.The marketing campaign took a typically diverse approach being a part of every medium. The main promotion deal of Harry Potter was with Coca-Cola. However there have been posters, interviews, web sites, computer games and various merchandising.The film was released in December 2001. The target audience of Harry Potter has a wide audience with children and adults alike being attracted to the magical fantasy.The hype of Harry Potter was created by the use of overt advertising techniques throughout the marketing and promotion campaign. The Harry Potter and the philosopher's stone campaign used overt advertising techniques in trailers, posters, newspaper and television adverts. The campaign also used...

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