How Supply Chain Management (Scm) Has Benefited From Electronic Technology With Examples

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How Supply Chain Management (SCM) has benefited from electronic technology with examples

Supply Chain Management involves delivering of the right products to the right place, at the right price and time, and this is a powerful engine in any business transformation. Globalization comes with competitive market, and in order for any company to remain on edge with this complex business world, it has to incorporate technology in its supply chain management systems. The modern customer has increased demands with high expectations of both service and quality. On the other hand, the managers have realized ...view middle of the document...

Furthermore, the vendors, employees, and any other person in this chain can easily ensure efficiency. The truck drivers using GPS can easily communicate any delays occurring along this chain. Cloud computing is a new technology that together with other software have enhanced in tracking of goods and materials, and by the touch of a button, they can have real-time updates.
Some companies using technology in their supply chain management include John Deere Company that uses SmartOps logistic management software. Research shows that this technology has seen on-time shipments go up from 63% to 92%. DHL supply chain, and Nike, which supplies athletes footwear applied in their chain management radio-based product monitoring in both their warehouses and distribution while using real-time delivery notification system. Walwart famous for its perfect supply chain management predicts demand through the incorporation of state-of-the-art technology, and other networking systems. These technologies also help in planning efficient transportation routes. applies technology not only in their marketing, but also in acquiring new products, and in 2012, this online retailer publicized they were...

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