How Sustainable Is King Islands Industries?

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IntroductionKing Island is a small island with a big industry, its products known worldwide. But, exactly how sustainable are the industries that exist on this distinctive island? This research piece will explore the sustainability of King Islands industries, in particular the kelp industry. The Kelp Industry is a highly sustainable industry in the three areas of sustainability, however there is concerns over issues beyond our control, climate change.Background information on King IslandAs figure one shows King Island is located in the western entrance Bass Strait, in between Victoria and Tasmania.Figure one Map of Southern Australia with King Island circles(Student Memory stick handouts, 2009)King Island lies at 144 degrees longitude and 40 degrees latitude, placing in the way of the Roaring Forties making incredibly high winds of up to and over 100 kilometres per hour making it a good place for the kelp industry to flourish without damaging the environment.King Island is a small island, with it being approximately 64 kilometres north to south and 26 kilometres east to west with a total area of 110, 000 ha. Most of which is covered in paddocks full of cows.Climate:The Climate on King Island is a moderate to mild maritime climate with moderate to high rain fall therefore meaning good pasture growing. This is good for the industries, such as the dairy Industry. As figure two shows, Average temperature's range from 7.8 ° C in July and August to 12.6°C in March making the climate perfect for the soil temperature of the dairy industry and owing temperatures for the kelp industry. (KINRMG, 2001)Figure 2: The average monthly temperature on King IslandSource: (Student Memory stick handouts, 2009)What is sustainability?Sustainability to keep a system maintained for the future generations. The environment, economic, communities and individual sustainability are four examples of sustainability as seen in figure three.Figure 3: Diagram of the four types of industrySource: (Class discussion, 2009)Community:A sustainable community must contain respect and co-operation to work towards common agendas. In this type of community all members must act as a community not as individuals. We must cooperate together as a community and share our knowledge and labour to work towards common goal of sustainability.Environmental:Without a healthy environment, communities cannot function successfully and industry will be affected as their source of resources depletes and reduces in efficiency. Need to tackle this on a local level and model this for other's in the community to encourage them to do the same. If we act locally, the global problems will and supply be solved.Economic:The economy relies on the community to function successfully and supply workers and a people with spending power. A successful economy requires a suitable environment which can supply a sustainable resource to process or use. The industries need to run so as to put money back into the local...

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