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How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By Florizell: The Winter's Tale

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The Winter’s Tale begins with Leontes accusing his wife of adultery, one of the worst accusations a man can make against his wife, Hermione. Not only does he accuse his wife, but he says his childhood friend is the man she has been sleeping with and that his son and the child Hermione is carrying are not his. If that is not enough of a shock, Leontes then tells Antigonus to take his daughter and have her burned to death, only to change his mind and finally decides to have her left in the woods. All of these decisions and actions lead up to a very important next act in the play. In this act, many things take place that ultimately brings a family together and gives a man nearly everything he wants in life, but does not deserve. Though many would say the ending is the most important part of this play, the love of Florizell and Perdita is by far the most important event that takes place in this play and if it was not for these two, a happy ending would have never happened.
Act IV of Winter’s Tale is by far the most interesting play in the Norton book. It’s a total of four scenes. Before analysis, here is a quick summary of all four scenes in Act IV. It begins with time span, approximate of sixteen years have been passed since the end of act three. “To me or my swift passage that I slide O’ sixteen years and leave the growth untried” (Shakespeare4.1.5-6). Why this quote is important, it is important because its indictor of time span across sixteen years. Time is also passage which stands still and takes us back to memories and transfer us back to what happen in the best. Time is important in our lives because of the limitation of time. This is the part of the father time as we leave behind Leontes for his grievance in Sicilia and came to Bohemia. Perdita has now become a young beautiful woman and don’t forget that Polixenes has a son, Florizell, who is also now became a young man. Scene II, Polixenes is curious about the whereabouts of his son, Prince Florizell since he has either late or absent from home lately. Camillo is home sick and kept asking Polixenes to grant him to return to home.
Polixenes asks Camillo if he knows where his son Florizell goes to and if he can find out while in disguise. Polixenes is worried father and trying to look over Floruzel, just like any other father would do to protect his son. Florizell has been seen visiting the house of a shepherd with a gorgeous daughter. “Is seldom from the house of a most homely shepherd, a man, they say, that from very nothing, and beyond the imagination of his neighbours, is grown into an unspeakable estate” (Shakespeare4.2.32-35). Clearly Polixenes is worried about the issue of his son Florzell being absent and spending lots of time at the shepherd house, but these lines provide the assumption that if the prince Florizell spends the time in the house of shepherd the more he lowers his social statues and values. Because he is noble, a prince therefore it’s important for him to spend...

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