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How Teachers Integrate Psychological Concepts Into The Classroom

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An elementary teacher establishes a student’s educational foundation through leadership and commitment, and in order to do so effectively, time and patience is a necessity. First, a teacher must engage in the students’ learning by inviting them to share their thoughts, opinions, and ideas, while actively listening and providing feedback. Furthermore, peer interaction should be encouraged to supplement the course material. Finally, teachers should explain concepts thoroughly and cater to each child’s learning style, while encouraging the students to envision new ideas and think “outside the box.” After completing the subject matter, performance should be evaluated to determine concept mastery and evaluate teaching methods. Psychology then becomes relevant because a teacher has to have a sense of behavioral management and should know how to appropriately handle emotional issues. Understanding learning styles and psychological issues can affect a child’s learning capacity is necessary in order to address various issues when they arise, thereby managing and maximizing each child’s learning potential.
Behavioral management is essential for a teacher because behavioral problems can be an issue if not controlled; misbehavior is usually indicative of underlying psychological issues and can interfere with and impede all students’ learning. Thus, understanding behavioral management can help in mediating the aforementioned challenges. For instance, if one student has a behavioral problem and has frequent outbursts that cause disruptions to the class, a student’s learning ability can be hindered. Behavioral problems need to be addressed, and the correct behavior needs to be modeled (Chen). If the student continues to have problems, then it might be useful to use reinforcement or punishment. In this case, it would mean when a student models good behavior, they will get a positive reinforcement, and if the student models bad behavior then they would face a negative consequence. Further, this can be better understood by B.F. Skinners Operant conditioning study. The key element in Skinners research was Reinforcement. Reinforcement strengthens a desired response, and negative reinforcement is involves taking away privileges with undesired behavior. Operant Conditioning is widely applied within teaching for classroom management. In most cases behavioral problems can be linked to emotional problems (Culatta). If something is going on in the child’s home, the only way he or she knows how to retaliate might be to model extreme behavior. The child gets aggressive because he feels threatened by others. The only thing the child wants is to be understood and to feel like someone accepts him or her for whom they are. Additionally, as a teacher, one should talk one-on-one with the student to seek understanding and try to explain to the student that his or her behavioral issues have got to stop in order to avoid punishment Further, a teacher is faced with many...

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