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Technology in the classroom can be a good thing for many students. For example, it gives students easy access to information, but it isn’t always the best thing. Technology helps raise the illiteracy rate higher as it is used in school. In 2009, about 97 percent of classrooms had at least one computer in the classroom everyday, although approximately 54 percent could bring their own computers to their class. There was internet access available for almost 93 percent of the computers in the classrooms. Otherwise, 96 percent of the computers were brought in to the students. The average ratio of students to computers was 5.3 to 1. Since 2006 the spending rate for each school in the United States has increased about 1,250 dollars. It’s rate in 2011 was almost 10,250 dollars per pupil. Although technology can help many students and teachers, due to the fact that the use of it gets abused by some students therefore it isn’t the greatest to have at our fingertips.
Technology in classrooms is affecting our culture in great ways. A lot of people who can not go to college at the sites can do classes online. More than three-quarters of America’s colleges and universities now have online classes available. Approximately one in four college graduates, or 23%, have taken an online course. This helps you get the degrees you need at your own time rate. This is helping people get better careers day by day. Technology is not only great for the purpose of people who are out of high school, it’s great for high school students as well. During class time some students tend to fall behind and end up not understanding the subject matter completely. At this point in time with the use of computers that schools and families have students can use the computers in order to act as a tutor and help them stay caught up in their classes. For example, it is not uncommon to find youtube videos on how to do certain math problems, or videos to help understand science or social studies. A lot of people make songs about the subject topic to help the students remember the information given to them. Rather than only the teachers help the students, they can access online tutorials to help them. Technology also helps with keeping the student’s parents involved. Although parents might not have the time to sit down with their child and talk about their tests, parents can view how their children are doing online. Which could help the students try to keep up their grades due to the fact that they know their parents will see it. Not only can technology help each student for individual work but it can also help a lot with group projects. Rather than having all of the students in the group to find the time to get together, they can all discuss and do their project online whenever it is best for them. Not only does technology help with learning in class subjects, there are countless amounts of great websites to help students practice for their SAT tests as they approach. Most of the SAT prep...

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