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How Technology Affects Family Essay

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It is summer vacation, no work, no school, time to go out and have some family time with the children. Many projects are planned: go to friends’ house and spend time in the pool, go for a pic-nick, spend the night playing family games, go to the favorite restaurant. Or why not make any housework family project, not interesting, but it may be fun if all family members are involved. Sometimes in the project, there is a place for a trip to Italy. Many ideas and good intentions, instead, only two of those projects are accomplished and most of the time few days before going back to school and work. Those summer days are spent similar than other regular days; The daughter is on the computer ...view middle of the document...

Also conflict is an outcome of family dependency on technology. Teenagers becoming more, procrastinate on their homework or chores, forgetting and stressing about it, not able to focus on one task and parents are just as dependent on technology as are teens. Technology inhibits face to face communication, the development of trust and trustworthiness and creates conflict between family members.
What is technology? According to Marshall McLuhan, Canadian Sociologist, “The medium, or process, of our time—electric technology is reshaping and restructuring patterns of social interdependence and every aspect of our personal life. It is forcing us to reconsider and re-evaluate practically every thought, every action”. The median is the message, we shape our tools and our tools shape us. Technology is an extension of us, of who we are, is changing us regardless of contact. The conversation with devices is different than face to face (Spark learning seminary). From research and survey groups, it shows that social network has beneficial effects on teens. As an extension of real world friendships it helps to have control and enrich their social lives. It helps teens with disabilities feel less isolated and have more support communicating with other teens that have the same problem. Social network also gives confidence in shy, social awkward teens, boosting their self-esteem, practicing social skills in a comfortable way to communicate. (Stanberry,
But, parents do not know how to deal with the negative impact the advancement of technology has on their teens and themselves. On today’s Mom Show, Family Circles editor-in –Chief Linda Fears and parenting expert Michele Borba, Education Psychologist, discussed how technology affected face to face relationship between teens and parents. Teens stay on their phone all the time texting, turning out social confidence and social skills. Every time spending on texting, they are missing on face to face communication, on speaking to someone looking in his eyes. Teens spend seven and a half hour a day on their devices, taking time off from family time, isolating them. As in New York Times article, Alex William published what family time is today “One family. One room. Four screens. Four realities basically.” Families sharing a common space, but each member huddled in a cyber- cocoon- a scene that has become an increasingly familiar evening ritual. Many family members instead to talk to each other face to face at home, they send text messages as the article noted about Brad Kahn, an environmental consultant in Seattle, that said he often communicates with his wife, by e-mail even when they are seated in the same sofa with their laptops. Or as Kim Williamson from Howstuff works wrote an article about quality time, usually teens are allowed to use cell phones at family dinner, texting to friends or to each other.
According to N. Mayer from Springer Link, technology inhibits the development of...

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