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Technology has evolved from simple inventions like the wheel to smart, intricate mobile devices that share the world’s information within the blink of an eye. Tweets, emails, status updates, text messages, and many other news-based actions seem to become quite a distraction and many people are too involved in the latest gossip to even recognize it. In the article, “Brain, Interrupted,” Bob Sullivan and Hugh Thompson effectively discuss the consequences that interruptions and multitasking can have on the Brain, however, they stray from the main subject they begin with: TECHNOLOGY affecting the brain.
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Throughout the article, it includes several studies done about multitasking and “constant context switching” or “rapid toggling” (Sullivan and Thompson) with the brain. The authors also do a satisfactory job at backing up their claims by composing a new investigation that goes even farther in depth than the previous studies conducted. Also, a majority of middle to upper class Americans (especially businessmen) reading this article would be interested in it because they would most likely want to maximize their efficiency and success in whatever task is at hand. Yet, if one were to read this article again, they would realize that the research Sullivan and Thompson dive into, more or less, avoids what they were discussing in the first place: Technology. But not technology in general, they seem be targeting social networks specifically when it comes to causing distractions.
The structure of the article is somewhat organized and concise, but fails to convey the main message because they go into distractions and interruptions more so than social networks ran by technology causing distractions. In the research conducted, they could have added another group with a laptop that had access to social media as well so they could compare it to a text message or the control group with nothing. Also, no one knows the amount of questions on the tests given nor do people even know if it was a timed test because it does not specify. There only can be assumptions made. Ten questions and thirty questions can make a big difference as far as time, focus, and scores go. Sullivan and Thompson seem to confuse the word “dumber”...

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