How Technology Affects Us Now And How It Will In The Future

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How Technology Affects Us Now and How It Will In The Future
Imagine waking up and not having a car to take you to work, and you can’t get coffee from a machine or watch the news on TV. This is the kind of morning you’d have if you didn’t have technology. It’s kind of hard to imagine and a bit scary too because technology is something we use every day. As you may know technology is everywhere and very hard to avoid. There are some things you don’t even realize relate to technology, but it’s somehow connected to it. Throughout the years technology has advanced and grown to make our country into a great place. Technology helps us consume less, it shapes our country, and it will have a huge impact on the future.
One major way technology affects us is it helps us consume less by community sharing. An example of community sharing would be RideJoy. RideJoy is a downloadable application that connects drivers and pedestrians that need a ride based on city or route they are heading in, thus saving gas, time and energy. There are also city wide bike sharing programs that let civilians access bikes from nearby bicycle kiosks around neighboring areas via internet on a mobile device (Treacy). Sure you can borrow things from your neighbor but, with today’s modern day technology you can borrow all most anything from anyone anywhere in the city. Many wonderful services like Zip Car lets you set up an appointment via internet to borrow a car by the minute, hour, or even day (Treacy). This is all doable thanks to technology and wouldn’t be possible without it. Technology helps us consume less by the process of Community Sharing a friendly, safe way to borrow and save.
There is much other ways technology helps us consume less. Another way we can consume less due to technology is by the process of Resell/Reuse. Purchasing second hand items and also selling your second hand items help makes the item more affordable and less money is spent. Online websites like EBay help people from all over the globe purchase and bid on second hand items that are in very well good shape, like new you may say (Treacy). Then there are the websites like Usell and Gazelle that pay you for your second hand items and pay you handsomely for them. Items that are collecting dust you can collect cash for them. That item also goes into good use and is recycled and well refurbished (Treacy). Even broken and non working items are worth something and you can still get paid for turning them in. You’re getting paid for doing the right thing and helping the consumption of resources.
Digitalization and Consolidation help us consume less in our everyday lives. Digitalization makes things very convenient to access and helps save time. Many forms of reading material are accessible on a mobile device or tablet and help us save paper and go green. Books, Magazines, News Papers, Maps, Mail, etc are all digitalized for easy access (Treacy) .Consolidation helps us...

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