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How Technology Has Changed Learning Twenty First Century

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Not only has technology helped the world’s teachers to teach more efficiently, but technological advances have helped the learner, as well. In the Twenty-First Century, there have been so many new technological advances already, such as the smart phone, for instance. For some of us, we would not know how to function, if it were not for our mobile devices. The world has become dependent on them, since they make our lives much easier, by keeping track of data, which would be hard for a normal person to keep up with. One fact about the Twenty-First Century and technology is that early computer designers were designing computers, mostly for weather detection. What if they did not go further in ...view middle of the document...

Teachers can teach much more efficiently with them, so it is very beneficial to both the student, and the teacher.
When someone does a little bit of smart shopping, new technology, such as a smart phone, or smart device can be found for quite affordable. Tablets can be cheaper, than a textbook in some cases. Someone must just buy them in bulk, or do some smart shopping. Tablets can go out of date in a short time because they come out with a new version every few months, or at least every year. Some of the benefits of not having a textbook are that a student does not have to pay a school for a smart device. Schools can get contracts with computer companies and get these devices at a lesser price. Microsoft and school boards across the country and the entire world have these kinds of agreements in action today. When a student has a tablet, or smart device, then that may keep them from having to take a very heavy bag full of books. When a student carries a heavy pack, then they can have back problems later on in life. One benefit of a smart device, instead of a textbook, is that they can regularly be updated. This ensures that your smart device will always stay up to date.
There are some disadvantages to new learning methods. One of those disadvantages would be if a student decided to cheat in class with their tablet. This can potentially be very easy for a student to pull off, but with certain software put into place, this can be prevented, as well. Can teachers get their point across, without the use of certain technologies nowadays? I would have to answer with, “No.” I would say no since the teacher will most likely have to teach technology based studies to their students. If a technology teacher has no technology, are they good at teaching technology? I would have to say that one cannot teach how technology can work for you, if they do not know it themselves first. If the teacher has no knowledge, then how can they teach the new, and ground breaking things? Students too have to be up to date or they may fall behind in class. With a tablet, you can see exactly where your class is in your lesson plan, without needing to return to a previous lesson. Distance learning is changing the way, in which every student can be taught. Distance learning can take place at any time, and from any place, which makes it unique. Without a few key element, such as academic honesty, then distance learning becomes a bigger challenge for an instructor. Without the trust, and knowing of how honest and truthful your students work can be, you can have some major issues with your class’ academic honesty. Some of the great advantages to distant learning is the ability to reach anyone, anywhere. Distance learning gives the teacher the ability to teach to a very broad number of people. It also can still be taught in a comfortable way. Some traditional learning devices, such as a protractor are still relevant in classrooms. On the other hand, graphing calculators...

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