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How Technology Has Created Preoccupied Minds

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Technology has made a huge impact on mankind. Nowadays, every human being relies on different technological sources such as internet, television and mobile phones to get the information whatever they desire just with a click of one button. However, they do not have enough time to pay attention to larger issues and overall prospect of the details they want. Also, most of the people do not require the amount of information provided by these technological sources. As a result, people have become preoccupied with bits of fragmented information. Hence, the three factors which are responsible for preoccupied minds of people are inappropriate information given by electronic media, lack of coherence and abundance of information.
An electronic media is one of the important factors among different contemporary technological sources which give inappropriate information. An electronic media keeps us updated to the day-to-day information of the world. Unfortunately, to get better TRP (Target Rating Point) and attention among the people, media shows people only that news which helps to get them more TRP and attention. For example, recently, one of the planes of Malaysian Airlines which was going to Beijing was suddenly disappeared from his route. Malaysian Government is not able to find a single reason behind the missing of plane till date. Moreover, media all over the world is broadcasting the information regarding the plane by bringing different types of theories. As a result, people who watch this news get the information into scarce amount of articles some of which is irrelevant or inappropriate. Usually, people get vast information from the electronic media. Hence, if media gives the information which is too little from the perspective of understanding the facts and details, people would not be able to know them properly.
Another factor due to which people get fragmented information is lack of coherence. People are aware about the immense amount of information provided by technologies. People used to get information necessary for successful completion of their task from different technological sources. Moreover, it’s a human nature to gather every small part of knowledge from the...

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